Tile and Grout Cleaning Perth


At OfficeClean we know, having to walk on dirty tiles with mouldy and fungus infested stained grout has to be the most repulsive and stressful experience.  You can now relax, you have come to the right place.

For at OfficeClean either for commercial or residential properties, we have the most suitable and effective technique to restore dirty tiles and grout to new.  The surfaces are commenced with an alkaline based chemical to dissolve the dirt and moulds.  An agitator is run over the surface to further cut down the dirt and grime into small particles.  Once the base chemical has done its job, we use a high pressure very hot water to scrub off and extract the deposits of dirt.

To give you back a totally clean floor, we finish the job with neutralising the area with a disinfectant leaving it with fresh clean feel..