Strip and Seal Vinyl Floors Perth


In the last ten years, OfficeClean has been striping sealing floors all over Perth.  In the last ten years, we have developed the required and necessary knowledge, techniques and skills to manage all varieties of floor types.  Whether it is a floor type of Terrazzo, limestone, marble or vinyl, OfficeClean offers you the best solution for each floor.

For each floor type, we apply the prescribed technique that OfficeClean has perfected over the years   To achieve the best results, stripping and sealing of floors must patiently follow a precise correct process.  For this reason, OfficeClean does not take short cuts or cut corners to finish the job.

OfficeClean has the right floor scrubbing machines, the right chemicals and correct technique and with our generous application of the final sealant, we will leave behind a glossy enhanced surface that is protected from external abrasions.

OfficeClean can also offer regular floor buffing services to ensure your floor surfaces are remain clean and extending the life of the sealed floor.